Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the tours?

The most popular tours are two hours. We also offer up to three total hours for those that are ready for a longer adventure. 

What should I bring?

Sunscreen! We provide bottled water, but feel free to bring any additional beverages (including beer/wine) of your choice. Snacks are good for longer tours, and definitely bring your camera! 

Is it safe? How rough is the water?

Most of the areas we boat in are 3ft deep or less and stay in the bay, where is it calm. We do require children 6 and under wear a life jacket at all times. We have life jackets on the boat, but feel free to bring your child's favorite. 

What kind of tours do you offer and how much are they?

Check out our "Tour Types" page for information on each tour.  

$15 per person per hour 
Minimum number of 2 passengers
Maximum number of passenger is 6 per boat (3 boat max) 

Special Event tours are custom quoted. 

How do I book a tour?

If you're in the US, please call 941.920.3307 to schedule your tour. If you don't have US phone access, you can email

Are there bathrooms?

There are no restrooms on the boat; however, there are restrooms where we pick up and various spots along the way.


Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

Some of the boats are wheelchair accessible; however, oversize wheelchairs may not fit. Tours including wheelchair passengers will have tide time requirements. 

Can I bring a cooler?

Yes! We also have a cooler on each boat that can be used. 

Can I bring a dog?

As long as your dog is friendly, they are welcome.

Is there shade on the boat?

All of the boats have canopies. There are areas that you can sit in the sun, if you wish.